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So Saturn in your sign since Dec 2020 has been quite character building.

To remind you that Saturn was originally your patron planet; hence your innate capacity for responsible social behaviour & a firm, moralistic stance on the principles you believe in. Until Uranus erupted into collective consciousness in the 18th century; bringing disruptive new ideas and adopting YOU as the innovative firebrand/rebel type, to live in a more liberating way & inspire the rest of us. Hence your reputation as the kook of the zodiac, and yes you do it well, of course.

Meanwhile my point is, Saturn has been a bitch for the last few years. Aargh if you’ve had challenging scenarios cramping your style, that just feel so unfair? Apparently an opportunity to pull gritty discipline out of somewhere deep inside, that you forgot you had until now. Do admit you have become a more strong, resilient version of yourself recently?

But also you can’t wait for Saturn to fuq off, to give you a break already?

Yes, Saturn into your 2nd house of financial freedom, from March 8th brings the next few years to leverage your newfound healthy habits & pragmatic attitude; that will help you thrive moving forward. Finally with the freedom to do it as the high functioning flake you truly are. Not long now to shine, you crazy diamond… you can almost taste the success you’ve been working so hard for, huh?

Especially sexy Pluto into your sign from March-June this year; unlocking your full, transformative potential that will fully reveal itself from Feb 2024 -for the next 20 years! You so feel on the cusp of powerful new chapter in your life -and preparing for this as we speak.

Meanwhile Feb 5th has Venus square Mars; to play with a moment of romantic frisson. Lovely to flirt your head off, just because you can.

Just in time for the Full Moon of Feb 6th, in your love/partner sector:

With Bitch Lilith also in your love sector, your special someone or new crush(depending on your situation) is a fiery, provocative creature! And Saturn in your sign means you can totally hold your own-for once you might be the grounding influence, in a sparky romantic attraction?

And square your ruler Uranus on the Destiny Point in your home sector; domestic & familial relationships get a new lease of life. Maybe clear the air over whatever issues reveal themselves, the better to get on with creating a life affirming dynamic on home turf?

I mean with Jupiter & Chiron on your ideas/communication sector; it feels so positive to be really honest with yourself and loved ones. Even if it means feeling exquisitely vulnerable to admit how you really feel, or where self doubt is holding you back from whatever you most desire? You tend to prefer radical authenticity to beating around the bush, it’s your most empowering stance.

Cue the Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, Feb 17th. As much as this could be a moment of anxious frustration/bitching about any obstacles cramping your style? You choose healthy discipline instead; to focus on the intentions that matter to you and reality check how to manifest them into reality. You understand that slowly but surely you WILL thrive this year, right?

I mean let’s not forget Mars direct in your talent/play sector. Permission to show off doing stuff you love; because you have the creative discipline to be damn good at it, is your superpower right now!

Especially by the New Moon of Feb 20th, in your 2nd house of financial security. Fabulous schemes to monetise your genius abound; teasing Saturn into your 2nd from March, to realistically manifest sustainable wealth. And Venus fresh in your ideas/communication sector to only think inspired thoughts; and charm the hell out of networking opportunities & the crew you want to manifest magic with. Nice one.


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