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The New Moon of Dec 4th is in your favourite, social networking sector and it’s a Total Solar Eclipse to really turn you on:

I mean as much as the term social networking has been somewhat trivialised by social media etc; you are the sign who most gets what it really means. As such a humanitarian creature -community connection, feeling part of the collective cultural zeitgeist and real, supportive, loyal friendships matter deeply to you. Yes you have a reputation as a rebel/outsider -and sometimes we need your anarchic spirit to disrupt the status quo ( I mean hello, look at the state of the world right now, someone has to challenge it), but actually you are so often bringing people together & creating viable human connection -this is your gift! Because you really care about the people around you & the social ecology you are part of, in your public life and immediate, loving tribe.

So this Eclipse reveals, with such clarity how you feel about your place in the world, the crew you relate to and how to express yourself on the social scene right now. Mercury on this Moon is great for fabulously stimulating, intelligent conversations with inspiring peeps-which you adore. And opposite Bitch Lilith in your talent sector for the confidence to hold your own with the best of them -or if anyone trash-talking or underestimating you right now, you couldn’t give a shit you are too busy being brilliant, right?

Especially with Mars firing up your social sector from Dec 14th till late Jan, for the bravado to strut around being gloriously self-assured in the world. Oh my goodness it feels so good to be real, and yes you are a light to inspire the rest of us, just so you know x

But also there is an interesting parallel astro going on -Venus hiding out in your soul sector for a rare, extended visit from Nov 6th till early March. This is where you feel drawn to retreat from the white noise of the crazy world & fill your cup from within, as necessary -and specifically we have to talk about the internal intensity you are dealing with, as Venus hooks up with primal, transformative Pluto for the whole of December:

You have a deep desire to face your own demons in private, the better to come to overcome them & rise up singing; with a fresh sense of spiritual clarity & internal locus of power.

This could be a health/wellbeing thing. As in tuning into your internal combustion engine, known in yoga as Agni. This is the principle that burns off toxins in the energetic body -like a physical detox, to rev up your metabolism & vitality but it’s happening on more subtle levels of your being. Maybe toxic beliefs & patterns that have been holding you back are ready to be transformed; into positively courageous notions of what you are capable of?

And also romance & relationships. I mean Venus/Pluto is such classic astro for passionate love affairs, with undeniable, magnetic chemistry -but also the insidious power-trips, when we want to avoid the vulnerability of feeling so much? And in your soul sector, ideally you have a soulmate in your life, with an innate understanding of where you’re at -for the deep connection of kindred spirits. Or if you’re dating/ flirting your head off on the scene (thank you Mars), you enjoy the attention you coming your way -yes, but will also keep a certain, ineffable part of yourself hidden… unless a special someone touches you on a deeper level, huh?

Image: Deborah Turbeville


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