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So the buzz of Pluto getting serious about shaking up your sign, for the next 20 years is happening. You are increasingly aware of how transformative your personal growth is going to be, moving forward. You adore this sense of accessing your most primal power, to evolve way beyond your comfort zone of course-as the most future-oriented, change friendly sign of all. Ready to rock the exciting & challenging chapter coming up. 

Cue the Total Solar Eclipse of April 9th, in your 3rd house of ideas and communication. Venus into your 3rd just in time for this New Moon, which is conjunct Destiny Point, Chiron and Mercury retrograde: 

Venus brings a lovely, positive attitude to your state of mind. And of course the more optimistic you are about your own point of view, more likely to have inspiring conversations with equally intelligent people to turn  you on. Much better than bitching & moaning about idiots who annoy you, obviously. 

And when it comes to love, Venus awakens your most delightful flirty wiles. Especially sextile sexy Pluto in your sign-even the most innocent crush, or sharing feelings with your lover can become hot & passionate at warp speed! 

Also given that Mercury retro reveals any glitches, about whatever ideals you’ve been attached to…permission to revise & finesse whatever you’ve been on about? And deal with the conversations, with people you may or may not agree with, that get tricky here. I mean ok, more likely to have weird misunderstandings going on, just when figuring out your own intentions could be interesting? Maybe even complex psycho-sexual innuendo to figure out, in terms of romantic frisson? 

So healer Chiron is permission to deal with all this, with full emotional intelligence. 

I mean as such an analytical sign, holding yourself to such high principles-to your credit you’re all about an ethical code of conduct. Yes, but to the extent this can be quite abstract? Self care feels like aligning your intentions with how you really feel, on a gut-instinct and heart frequency right now. 

The better to be empathetic with yourself, about healthy self acceptance. Your heart wants what it wants-and maybe being ok about that? 

And empathy for the people you are communicating with. Yes there could be fascinating conversations going on, to open your mind to intellectually stimulating new perspectives. And maybe more important, learning to understand one another’s feelings, for compassionate connection on a loving, emotional level. 

And we need to talk about the Destiny Point here. You are so attuned your most meaningful ideals-calling you forward towards a sense of purpose that makes your spirit sing.  You aint compromising your principles-just figuring out how to adapt them, for more realistic manifesting magic. And spooky/perfect timing, to be chatting with the people aligned with your principles-to co-create the visionary ideals you all believe in. You adore this vibe, as such an individualistic and also social creature! 

Then Mars/Saturn in your security sector, exact by April 11th. Super focused financial discipline, to work your ass off towards manifesting magic; that is so available right now, to the extent you have clear intentions around prosperity, to make a reality this month. 

Especially by the Full Moon of April 24th, in your brilliant career sector. Professional brilliance can vibe so abundant -if you’re onto meaningful versions of success, know what I mean? 

And this Full Moon opposite the Sun, joining Jupiter/Uranus recently conjunct in your home sector. Revealing just how important a radically positive home base, and domestic/family relationships are. Not only because a happy home matters, obviously, for emotional wellbeing and loving tribe. 

Also because a supportive home is so liberating, for the freedom to go chase your vocational dreams-perfect timing! 

Image: Charles Guo


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