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So how you going, with transformative Pluto fresh in Aquarius?? A rare, once in a lifetime transit to replenish your most primal life force is upon you- are you ready to phoenix into your full, glorious potential or what?

I mean a quick recap of Pluto in your 12th house, since 2008. You’ve been looking within to find your own shamanic, regenerative mojo:

-any gnarly old issues/demons lurking in your unconscious have fully revealed themselves. I mean we all have tricky, spooky shit to deal with in this respect; it’s just been your time to deal with any shadow tendencies for-gah, the last 15 years! Well done you for the courageous, honest self awareness to face them!

-Because do admit, you’ve been doing the whole Jungian thing, of transmuting shadow into light spectacularly well. Grace under pressure; on an internal level of finding your own radiant, inner life force that defies any challenges you’ve been dealing with. People have been wondering how the hell you do it, for a while now…

So you’ve totally earned Pluto into Aquarius since March 23rd, just in time to feel really alive this month. And preparing for Pluto properly charging forward in Aqua from Feb 2024-for the next 20 years!

On a collective level you are like Prometheus-who brought divine fire to humanity. You have faced the raging inferno within, and discovered a connection with higher wisdom to share with the rest of us. In other words you are a charismatic, irresistible personality in the world, more than ever-to turn us all on to our full potential with the example you set, being so true to yourself & all. I mean being a powerful change agent in the world is your natural thing of course, so you totally get this vibe.

Especially the Full Moon of April 6th in your adventure/vision sector. The world is your oyster, to chase your wildest dreams, and inspire the rest of us as you go.

And on a personal level, the inner work you’ve been doing for the last several years becomes so rewarding; as you phoenix into a powerful new chapter of your life. You feel such a rush of limbic life force rising up from within; to feel physically energised, passionate and courageous about living like you mean it. I mean as such an intellectual genius, who loves abstract notions of your full potential -this is where you really begin to embody what you’re capable of, know what I mean?

Meanwhile you are radiating sexy charisma-people notice the integrity with which you own your internal locus of power, and want to be involved with whatever you’re up to. Or at least you trigger visceral reactions from others, one way or the other; so best be conscious of how you express yourself?

Also smoking hot sex appeal -you are desirable as fuq right now! So any seductions on your mind, or wanting to connect more deeply with your lover… yes it’s on. And Pluto opposite Bitch Lilith in your love/partner sector? Watch out -your special someone, or if single any new attractions on the dating scene, are likely to be just as spunky, empowered and self aware as you. Ooh la la, fiery chemistry and fiery power dynamics are your new turn on, apparently. I mean you wouldn’t have it any other way; only a meeting of equals would satisfy you, right?

Meanwhile the New Moon of April 20th is a Hybrid Solar Eclipse:

Exact in your 3rd house, conjunct Jupiter, to clarify your most positive ideas in a way you can effectively communicate to the people around you. Articulate, Aqua genius is a thing, especially with Venus shining up your 5th house of confident self expression.

Then the Moon & Sun immediately into your domestic sector, with the Destiny Point & Mercury/Uranus. Turns out the people you most want to communicate with are right under your nose! Family, co-hab & partner dynamics become the most important focus, to share your truth with one another and, ideally, move forward with mutual understanding.

Image: Szymon Brodziak


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