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New Moon in Aquarius, exact 3.45pm, Feb 1st AEDT. And to the extent New Moons are fresh emotional clarity; in Aqua we tend to analyse/process our feelings with sharp, intellectual clarity. Which is great for intelligent self awareness, of course.

But also can be challenging, to actually feel what's going on, and allow ourselves our gut instincts/moods/vulnerable sensitivity etc, just because it's ok to be emotionally real -know what I mean?

Especially because this Moon is bang on Saturn & square Aqua ruler Uranus:

Saturn reveals our insecure self-doubt, but also the integrity to handle it; where we madly try to be disciplined enough to control our situation-because vulnerability feels too scary! And Uranus is crazy, unpredictable insights/synchronicities/sparkling clear truths rising up ready or not! Oh my goodness this is wild, wonderful & challenging, to keep our shizz together even when our world is being rocked, to embrace change, growth & the great unknown!

Happy New Moon, folks x

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