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So April is here, its been a weird year already & only getting weirder so might as well get on with it...

The background astro here is Saturn square Uranus, for the tension between disciplined self control & a fully rebellious attitude to authority or personal limitations that have been restricting our growth thus far...

We are so excited about fab, weird & wonderful opportunities to explore radical new experiences in life -it's time to evolve ready or not, thank you sparky Uranus, But also Saturn says we have to behave with full integrity, assess the lay of the land with considered intelligence and walk our talk in the world with the courage of our convictions -ok fair enough.

And it might be topical to mention, given the state of the world that Uranus has a total disdain for authority & is all about innovative solutions on our own, maverick terms; whilst Saturn can suffer from blind obedience to authority/control systems but also, at it's best understands that we have to adhere to a genuine code of personal integrity, and respect for others if we want to successfully live on our terms. I think someone said 'to live outside the law you must be honest'. Food for thought huh?

And April has a New Moon in Aries on the 12th, with Venus to balance our brilliant independent mojo with the courage to love our loved ones fully, and involve them in our plans. And a Full Moon on the 27th in passionate Scorpio, trine Mars in caring Cancer and opposite Uranus, to love one another more deeply & wildly -also with the emotional oxygen to respect one another's personal space. Nice one!

Lots more detail for your sign, with the April horoscopes here. Happy April folks, lets love & respect ourselves and one another to keep it high end x

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