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So after your ruler Venus swanning around your liberating 9th house in recent months, you’ve been quite the free spirit. Freedom of movement & autonomous life plans have been your thing, and apart from unfortunate timing what with lockdown etc cramping your style (dammit) –your need for personal space has not exactly been conducive to heavy, excessive interpersonal entanglement huh?

But then again you have Mars firing up your relationship sector from July until early Jan –the rest of the year is kinda mating season, ready or not! The sheer, libidinous life force of Mars means the force is strong with your love mojo, where you feel more energised when you explore your personal connections. And conveniently, more likely to have someone hot chasing you up romantically (especially if you are into men). Ooh la la this could be promising…

I mean Mars energy is sexy & passionate, but of course can also be reactive, fight-or-flight tetchy & potentially reveal volatile, conflict scenarios that may have been brewing & ready to explode? So lucky you have the healer Chiron also in your love sector; it feels like you are ready to face the nitty gritty issues coming up right now with a brilliant mixture of courageous, raw vulnerability and the fierce moxy to hold your own no matter what comes up right?

Because also Mars is hooking up with Bitch Lilith around Aug 9th, to keep things real. It’s all about meeting your special people on an equal footing –they’re either genuinely a match for you or not so much. Mutual respect or fuq-you conflict; I mean it’s pretty hot blooded either way & a great time to work the frisson with as much positive intent as possible.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 4th is lovely. Where you allow yourself the luxury of playing with your gorgeous creative talent just for fun. And the easy, confident self-expression that comes with being good at what you do. Also your self-assured charisma is pretty nice to work the social scene; especially with Mercury involved from the 6th you are beautifully adept at that sparkly, charming networking brilliance you do so well. And it only gets better by the Mercurial New Moon of the 19th, with cool new networking opportunities cropping up everywhere…

Also because Venus in your biz sector from the 8th is shining a light on your talent, creative brilliance & glamorous charisma vocationally. The rest of the month it is so advantageous to look good on the job, polish your brand/biz, hustle your charm with the right people and follow through with a shmick, professional attitude. Also if single, could be primo timing for flirty attractions & maybe some promising new crush happening at work hmmm?

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