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So Saturn backing into your work sector from July 1st till Jan is a chance to review any professional, daily routine, health decisions you’ve made in the last few years; and take the time to finesse the details with a bit of healthy, sustainable discipline for the rest of the year.

Because with Pluto/Jupiter involved, you get how powerfully positive & transformative your lifestyle choices are right now. I mean paying attention to an effective daily schedule, healthy diet/exercise regime AND making time for whatever fun/exciting stuff turns you on, to regenerate your spunky mojo every day is more important than ever. The better to stay productive, whilst you phoenix into next-level confidence to strut around the world doing your gorgeous thing.

Especially the Lunar Eclipse of the 5th in your work/lifestyle sector activating quicksilver Uranus in your biz sector, for sharp professional instincts to keep you on your toes. I mean with it’s not exactly job security or vocational stability you’re dealing with, but there are cool new opportunities revealing themselves if you’ re keen to chase them up…

Also because Mars/Chiron mid month in your adventure sector is working through any fears or vulnerabilities you have about exploring your full, brilliant life plan/vocational potential outside the usual comfort zone. The better to be ready for Mars/Lilith in August, by which time you will have nailed the moxy to live large on your own terms right?

And Venus in your social sector for ages this year helps -for that sheer, effortless self-assurance you do so well in the world. Getting out & about to network with suave effectiveness, charm the masses &have fun with your tribe is a beautiful thing right now. Especially you adore the big-hearted, emotional generosity of mutual support & ongoing kinship with your special besties–bless!

Including the Leo love life. If already involved you’re ideally getting out there together, sharing fun new experiences to evolve your connection next level is the bomb. Or if single how good is getting amongst it again after social distancing etc –because your flirty vibe is so gloriously on point, to maybe attract some cute new contender…

Then the New Moon of the 21st picks up on whatever spiritual practice/inner reflection you’ve been cultivating since the Solar Eclipse of 21st June, to remain aligned with whatever higher inspo has been filling your cup recently huh?

Image: Naomi Campbell for Vogue Italia

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