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July is here & things just keep getting more real! I mean are we keeping up with the wild times we're living through or what??

And the scopes are up at, to provide some astrological perspective...

We have Jupiter/Pluto for the gutsy courage to seize our most wild & brazen dreams -against the odds we are ready to phoenix into next-level magnificence. Yes, but also Saturn retro is giving us a run for our money with proper challenges to reality check just how real our determination to thrive is... it's kind of now or never to believe in our dreams with full on, gutsy determination.

We have a Lunar Eclipse on the 5th to come to terms with our true feelings about whatever is going on -no matter how scary ...and by the New Moon of the 21st we should be ready to walk our talk accordingly, with our best emotional courage.

We have the most bolshie, aggro planet Mars trying valiantly to get ahead with sheer bravado in his home turf of Aries. But also entangled with Chiron all month, where there's no avoiding our wounded egos & the imperative to deal with the healing process of getting over our own shizz, to embrace a bit of vulnerable humility along the way... Radical, authentic personal growth much?

Especially with Mercury retro for the first half of the month, then the storm phase of Mercury turning direct mid month with Mars/Chiron exact, to watch out for sensitive reactions before Mercury starts making more sense from late July...

And thank goodness, amongst it all we have Venus direct in Gemini, to untangle any relational/romantic/creative/financial/biz confusion of recent months and get on with living, loving & thriving with fresh clarity -OMG finally!

So it's wild ride, and more detail for your sign in the horoscopes. Happy July folks, Lets get or best game on & get on with it x

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