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So just when you thought your ruler Saturn was out if your hair in recent months, after 2 years of tough personal discipline, and you can maybe take it easy & catch a break from the hard yakka already?? Well Jupiter/Pluto still throbbing away in your sign is hardly relaxing, it’s fuqing intense but also brilliant for next level growth-ready or not.

You are feeling a rare & powerful imperative to meet yourself with spectacular honesty, for the clarity to do deeply transformative & regenerative personal growth. Pluto says you have the moxy to dive deep into the flames of self-awareness, and the sheer, positive bravado of Jupiter says you are bound to rise up singing on the other side of this more shiny & ready to rock your full potential than ever!

And Saturn also back in your sign from July 1st may feel like WTF not again with the hard work?? But actually it’s a good thing to back up all this expansive personal authenticity, with the practical nous to walk your talk for real in the world. So Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn all retro right now is the perfect storm -because as they dance around each other for the rest of the year in your sign, and all turn direct in the next few months; you will increasingly feel your spunky self assurance pick up, and get around the world beautifully comfortable in your own skin…

Meanwhile the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse of July 5th is powerful magic to get your shizz together. With Jupiter/Pluto exact your instincts about who you are & how to be in the world are so on point, to align yourself with your optimum intentions & life path moving forward. Especially with Venus direct, powering through your work sector all month your professional talent & charm are bang on, to create the ideal, fulfilling gig & lifestyle choices to fully enjoy doing what you do. Omg did I mention how fabulously onto it you are right now?

Ok but we also have to talk about Mercury retro for this Eclipse, where your necessary focus on self may be tricky for also juggling the relationship dynamic. I mean some people may get you more than others, and trying to communicate where you’re at with certain loved ones could be challenging? Especially with Mars/Chiron in your home sector mid month, domestic & familial dynamics could be quite tetchy. You want to connect with enough sensitivity for a happy home, but also fiercely protective of your own space to do your own thing…

So the New Moon of the 21st is the second one in a row in your love sector and, with the help of Mercury direct, a great time to pick up any relationship dynamics from late last month to finesse the romantic dialogue with as much emotional sensitivity as possible.

Image: Jason Santoro

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