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You are so relieved to have your taskmaster ruler Saturn out of your hair recently, after 2.5 years of tough personal growth –and ready for a well-deserved lighter, brighter chapter moving forward. And honestly, could it get any better than lucky Jupiter on sexy, transformative Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus awakening your sparkly self confidence -to phoenix into next level, spectacularly positive new lust for life this month?

You have faced your shadow & found the power within to conquer your demons and come out more self aware, shiny & spunky than ever; the better to get your swagger on, live large and embrace your most meaningful life purpose -you’re ready to rock baby!

And the Full Moon Eclipse of the 7th is perfectly aligned with your inner sense of purpose, to tune into what really matters the better to magically manifest it in the world. Especially with Venus lighting up your day job/health/lifestyle sector till August, it’s all about the brilliant creative process to work your talent, shmoozy professional charm & positive wellbeing strategies to cultivate the lush, rewarding life you want to live.

And ok, we also need to talk about your ruler Saturn in your cash/earning sector for the next 2.5 years. I mean most signs struggle with the restrictive financial vibe of this transit, but you’re in your element here- lean, mean budgeting, fiscal discipline & the will to thrive even when things are tight is your thing! So as we move through this economic shit storm; you are too busy planning ahead, being resourceful & hustling cool new opportunities to waste time fretting about short-term obstacles, know what I mean?

Meanwhile you might want to watch Mars/Neptune in your ideas/comms sector. On the one hand you are spooky intuitive and turned on by such inspirational thoughts-so you are onto it in your own mind. But for some reason you find yourself entangled in complex conversations plagued by weird misunderstandings, especially with Mercury retro for the New Moon Eclipse of the 21st in your love/relationship sector. This is perfect time to cut through the crap, speak clearly & reach a much deeper, emotionally congruent connection with your lover/loved ones –it might even be beautiful mating season if you can handle the radical, spunky vulnerability of this?

Image: Leom Brunobodi for Vogue 1960

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