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So Saturn in your talent sector has been finessing the creative process of being seriously good at what you do for a while now –so now you’re ready to bring your top game to your professional life right? Great, because Saturn newly in your day job sector right now is hard assed discipline to get on with it. Even if you have any restrictive work/lifestyle circumstances what with the state of the world etc, you realize that Saturn loves overcoming adversity with gritty determination-and increasingly, so do you! You’re ready to get ahead no matter what.

I mean especially with Venus in your sector of career success until August- the force is strong with your creative brilliance, professional charm & shiny, shameless self-promotion-might as well rock it whilst you can…

Also because Jupiter/Pluto in your talent sector this month have you digging deep to reveal your most potent, exceptional excellence and unleash it upon the world with explosive, game-changing confidence. You’ve got no time for compromise or giving up at the last minute, just when you’re on the brink of phoenixing into next-level accomplishment & have fun doing it right?

It feels like you are the sign most likely to take responsibility for your own wellbeing with Saturn in your health sector; and based on effective lifestyle choices you harness your optimum, positive energy to manifest the life you want & thrive-because you can. Especially with the Full Moon if the 7th sparking up your clever ruler Mercury in your visionary adventure sector, you are a beacon of positive affirmation to move forward on your own terms & inspire the rest of us as you go-how fabulous!

Meanwhile sexy Mars into your relationship sector from mid month, in sync with Venus is pretty gorgeous for your love life. Especially with nurturing Ceres & the raw vulnerability of Lilith/Chiron in your intimacy sector-you’re not scared to delve into deeper feelings & love like you mean it!

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