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So there’s big astro energy going on behind collective events this year and it’s all happening in your sign; with the big guns Pluto, Saturn & Jupiter dancing around retrograde then forwards again in Capricorn.

So you are extra sensitive to the shifting mood right now: where the Saturn/Pluto destruction of the status quo of recent months gives way to the fabulous, sexy renewal of regenerative Jupiter/Pluto to give us dynamic, tangible fresh hope for the future. In other words things are getting better, and you are at the vanguard of seizing brilliant new personal growth and opportunities in the world. It feels so good to be you & fully alive right now! Ok then.

Meanwhile you also have Venus in your work/lifestyle sector till August, to combine lush, dolce vita living with creative strategies to finance the lifestyle you desire. And Saturn joining Mars in your income sector help, to sharpen your formidable earning power with even more pragmatic fiscal instincts than ever.

I mean even with Venus retro from mid month it’s just a chance to finesse the details, because there is a deeper sense of life purpose rising up-and you just know you’re on the right track to make it happen…

Especially the Full Moon of the 7th with Uranus, Sun & Mercury in your talent/fun sector, you are onto leveraging whatever you are good at with an adaptable, playful eye to changing circumstances & instinctively nail new opportunities to shine in the world.

Then the New Moon of the 23rd in your work sector is even better, with Venus/Uranus/Destiny Point conspiring to align you with the most brilliant, innovative, promising ways of doing business in the world by showing off what you love to do and trine Saturn to make sure you capitalise/finance the hell out of it-omg you love this!

And love? I’m just saying that if partnered your new turn on is scheming the life plan together, to figure out how you’re going to score quality time sharing the lush, comfortable lifestyle you are co-creating. Or if single your next crush/mutual attraction turns up unexpectedly when you are just going about your daily life (whenever that looks like right now, lol)- you never know the random moments that destiny can still turn up at work/the supermarket/on a zoom work call/wherever you find yourself these days?

Image: Paolo Roversi

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