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So coming out of a Taurus New Moon (exact 12.25pm April 23rd, AEST), are we building a nice, fresh sense of how to align ourselves with some kind of healthy inner stability -what with the crazy, unpredictable times we are living through & all?

New Moons are always a fresh perspective, and in Taurus it's usually around our physical wellbeing, comfort & material security. But it's bang on top of Uranus who couldn't care less about security & would much rather push us into fast paced evolution to keep us on our toes & embrace change- which is lucky I guess as change is certainly upon us right? And also square Saturn, which is about out relationship with authority, and our inner discipline to hold our own with personal integrity in the world-which is an interesting theme given the circumstances.

This Moon fees like a lovely opportunity to tune into our most grounded emotional intelligence, to sustain ourselves & remain healthy, wealthy & wise; the better to create the very best outcomes for our wellbeing as we move towards whatever is on the other side of this changing paradigm around us. Lets eat well to nourish our bodies, look after our immune systems, innovate our earning strategies as best we can to keep up with new opportunities, look after one another & stay safe out there.

Happy New Moon folks x

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