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So April is here and What the Actual Fuq right???

Actually because I always write the horoscopes in advance, I started April scopes before full overnight madness burst upon us; so because I did the first few signs in the context of relatively normal life -as I went along I kind of tried to keep the tone even whilst inevitably adding references to the strange times we are in...unfolding as we speak... And also the scopes are up late because you know, life has been weird & all.

So the April scopes are finally up, and you can read more guidance for how your sign maintains a sense of normalcy/adapts/deals with times of change here.

Meanwhile, a few thoughts on the collective astro this month:

Pluto/Saturn exact in March was full destruction of the status quo/economic security-hello! And also, ideally, rebuilding a more sane & sustainable material paradigm out of the rubble of what has just fallen apart. Yes, obviously this has come to pass; and the fabulous astro of April is lucky Jupiter on Pluto for the most positive, regenerative, optimistic & expansive confidence to phoenix through this & come out more dynamic, empowered & brilliant than ever! It's so, so important that we overcome the fear vibrations right now and know that we are all wonderful creatrixes of our own destiny -the better to truly believe in wonderful outcomes here & get on with creating them.

Saturn is all about authority & control dynamics, and newly in Aquarius-which rules our collective social contract & community cohesion, but also how our unique, sovereign individuality to live freely fits into that. Saturn says we are all in this together -so are we going to come together & genuinely help one another through this, whilst keeping a sharp eye on respecting one another's civil liberties & individual freedom... or slide onto indefinite martial law hmmmm?

Chiron the healer helps us to cultivate optimum health & wellbeing strategies to stay strong, keep safe, boost our immune systems & find ways to thrive as best we can -and conjunct Lilith we get to claim the fierce, empowered moxy to take responsibility for looking after our personal health choices on our own terms.

I have called these dystopia scopes for obvious reasons, but it's never too late to focus our positive intentions on creating Utopia instead huh? Hope everyone is safe & well out there folks, happy April & big love to all x

Image: the wonderful Alexandra Valenti

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