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So March begins with Chiron/Lilith meeting in your sign –which is only more poignant by the New Moon of the 24th & you come to terms with your healthy relationship with self…

Chiron reveals those nagging wounds around self worth (we’ve all got them) –like when you wake up at 3am berating yourself over every mistake you’ve ever made or tripping yourself up with self sabotage behaviour just when you’re about to succeed at something, because you inexplicably don’t believe you really deserve it? And this requires a deeply compassionate attitude toward your own foibles for genuine self-acceptance, warts & all.

Because also Lilith is the bitchingly brilliant confidence to deal with your own shadow because you’re allowed to be human & flawed-and sometimes the cracks are where the light comes in. As in your most unique, powerful strengths could be the exact qualities that the world could see as transgressive/weird whatever, but should you embrace them with integrity you become a shining light of difference in the world & everyone loves you for the courage to be so goddamn real about who you are. You adore the fierce, fuq off, fearless individuality of this astro right?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 10th hones your instincts about getting ahead professionally eight now. I mean with the awesome, gritty work ethic & promising opportunities of Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter & Mars in your biz sector, there’s never been a better time to clarify your vocational intentions & grab your most rocking ambition to make it happen in the world. Especially with Venus/Uranus sparking up weird &wonderful new income scenarios that may be outside your comfort zone but so exciting… I mean yeah obstacles etc but you don’t care you’re going to nail it anyway-for sure!

And love? Um the Venus/Uranus action of early month is some crazy new perspective on what you think you want…and your romantic expectations could be changing at warp speed if you’re ready to keep up?

Image: Zhang Jingna

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