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So we have to talk about Saturn in Aqua from March 22nd –omg the most conservative planet of all pulling the ‘grow the fuq up’ card on the moat radical sign of all, what could possibly go wrong lol.

Ok so jokes aside, Saturn is coming and the inevitable, character-building lessons about maturity, accountability in the world and personal responsibility for building the material foundation you desire are on, ready or not for the next few years. Adulting 101 much?

Whether this triggers your rebellious instincts, and reacting to any so called authority figures suddenly trying to control-freak your vibe/resisting the ‘straight world’ of responsibilities encroaching upon your personal space? Or whether you’re ready, and savvy about asserting healthy boundaries & playing the game to your best advantage in the world? Either way you’ll figure it out. You’ve got 2 1/2 years ahead to nail the personal discipline you need, to bring your unique brilliance to fruition with your best healthy wealthy & wise attitude and wrangle the next level, practical success you deserve on your own terms. Ok then.

Meanwhile March also has a powerful preponderance of planets in your hidden soul sector, so for the moment a lot of the aforementioned personal growth is actually happening on quite a deep level within. With Pluto/Mara you’re cleaning house; by revealing any gnarly old patterns driving you from the swamp of your unconscious programming, and the courage to face those demons with steady, fearless integrity-which is exactly where transformation happens of course.

Because with positive Jupiter involved, you reclaim any primal energy that has been tied up/draining your Qi by dragging ancient, redundant psychic baggage around -and as you let go of all that you get such a rush of fresh vitality to fuel a beautiful new sense of positive, inspired intentions rising up from your spiritual centre. Especially the Full Moon of the 10th with mystical Neptune involved, the power to magically manifest your fresh dreams by believing in them enough to live accordingly is truly shamanic in terms of creating your own reality –and wonderfully life-affirming as fuq!

Also this Full Moon is in your intimacy sector with Neptune vibing idealistically romantic & incandescent Venus/Uranus love action in your home sector –for a bit of stimulating passion in the Aqua love life for sure! I mean you’re kind of randy & want sexy connection –but mainly you get how important the deeper feelings are, to vibe as authentic as possible with someone special to keep it emotionally real.

So mid month could be kind of tetchy, as you grapple with any intense emo sparking up with your lover/whoever you care about re family/domestic dynamics etc, but so brilliant for clearing the air & loving like you mean it.

Then the New Moon of the 24th has Chiron & Lilith to affirm just how far you’ve come, in terms of bitchingly authentic communication to heal any Mercury retro issues and get on the same page with the people who matter in all areas of life –yay for speaking your truth no matter what!

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