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Pisces New Moon, exact 1.31am Feb 24th AEDT. New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective and in Pisces we're super sensitive -to the point of emotional overwhelm or exquisitely heightened intuition. ..or both?

it's a fine line with Pisces, to stay clear & work the subtle energies; discerning between the random feelings rising up around us, riding the waves as they come whilst remaining tuned in to our higher emotional/spiritual intelligence about what it all means.

Because Pisces is also weird, wonderful & magical-with lots of cosmic, tangential inspo if we can divine the mystical guidance calling our name right now....

Because the thing about this Moon is pulling together such a sparky, volatile, energising Mars/Uranus trine right on top of Mercury retrograde -so key scenarios change at warp speed & we're moody as fuq about it because we're so acutely aware of just how much we can't control right now. But also the most amazing, electrifying light bulb moments about what we can suddenly let go of and incandescent new possibilities that could appear any moment to replace them-which we grab with alacrity because we're beautifully open to the great unknown -this is so liberating!

Especially with the Destiny Point syncing with this Moon -we have great pattern recognition about how fate is guiding us right now with strange synchronicities, doors opening & closing at the perfect time & getting how we are being called to a higher things with an instinctive sense of purpose in the world.

Happy New Moon, let's trust the process & embrace all the feels today huh? x

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