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Mars powered Leo Full Moon coming up, exact 5.33pm Feb 9th AEDT -yay finally some firepower to turn us on & have some fun...

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings we've been dealing with all month, and in Leo it's our hot blooded lust for life, passionate love action & brilliant creativity we feel the need to get an emotional handle on & fully express in the world.

Especially with the heavy Pluto/Saturn, hard yakka transformation process of late, we've earned a primal connection with our deepest vitality -which is amazing but gah it's been such disciplined, gritty work to keep it together right? So this Moon is brilliant to harness our fresh determination to thrive, with spunky creative manifestation skills to do stuff we love with our best, empowered swagger.

Extra especially with Mars in Sag energising all this, we want to be free to chase our dreams & embrace our most meaningful goals -yes this Moon is so motivating to believe in ourselves, live with our best generosity of spirit toward one another & generally Rawr with fierce magnificence... go us!

Happy Leo Full Moon folks, let's go for it x

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