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So for most signs the recent, dynamite Pluto/Saturn conjunction has blown up foundational/material structures in their lives for a very literal, material upheaval. But for you it’s more abstract-but nonetheless real. Especially with expansive Jupiter involved, your world is rocked by a liberating, adventurous new sense of what you want to do in the world in the broadest possible sense.

And with Mars energising the whole thing from the 16th you’re so fired up to get out of your comfort zone to flex your muscles in new & exotic locales, hang out with wildly stimulating people to broaden your mind, chase your brightest dreams and generally explore new horizons to turn you on.

And of course with Uranus newly in your sign, you’ve got a hair trigger response rate to fresh stimuli & it doesn’t take much to encourage your restless wanderlust, right?

Meanwhile, just for a bit of balance the Full Moon of the 9th has you feeling into the Taurus home & family scenario, the better to ground all this restless energy with a bit of nourishing domestic wellbeing to fill your cup. Partly to support your professional momentum – especially with Mars in your biz sector, for chasing good coin doing what you do.

Also Mars is flushing out any disputes or tensions in your personal relationships –especially of the domestic/family/shacked up kind, and energise a better dynamic with your loved ones. And yes extra especially intimate chemistry with someone special. Maybe Feb reveals right connection with a partner who can rock your world with both sexy passion & a cosy connection to settle into at home –wouldn’t that be nice? Or if you’re single/on the prowl for seduction opportunities -around the 9th could be hot date night –at home?

Then the New Moon of the 22nd in your social sector pulls Mars into line with sparky Uranus in your sign. So you are energised by the company of good friends, hanging with your broader tribe, chatty networking & the buzz of being out & about on the scene. It’s a great time to connect with like-minded folks to stimulate your genius, rock your confidence & shine in the world!

Image: Donna Karan

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