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So with Pluto/Saturn recently at flashpoint reality-check in your income/security sector, you’ve been kind of preoccupied with basic material imperatives… aargh survival issues much?

It’s been like sink or thrive crisis point financially, but when it comes to the crunch you are always going to choose lucrative settings. Because as much as you’re kind of famous for bonkers/edgy/stoopid budget skills (lets face it); you actually can’t bear the tedium of feeling broke & at the end of the day your optimistic abundance consciousness wins out, no matter how hard you have to work for it right?

So yeah it’s been a challenging, gutsy vibe to just stay afloat/pay the bills recently, but I feel this has just galvanised your resolve to thrive. Especially with Mars in your income sector energising any coin you can make from Uranus sparking up crazy, risky yet promising new opportunities in your day job sector & the Destiny Point doing spooky karmic synchronicity in your biz/shared resources sector -you’re like ‘fuq it, if I have to smash my financial paradigm anyway might as well make the extra effort to seize next level wealth whilst I’m at it’.

Yes, why not? And I tell you what by the time your lucky ruler Jupiter meets moneybags Pluto late March, you could see some sexy, tangible rewards for all this sustained determination to nail your financial independence –OMG finally!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 9th has you restless as fuq & a keen eye to the kind of adventures & new horizons all this new coin you’re working for could help fund –which is motivating.

Then the New Moon of the 24th is all about the Sag home/family base & the quality of your personal relationships. With Mercury retro you get that you have to finesse certain tricky dialogues at home or real estate scenarios –which work themselves out with Mercury direct from mid March, for optimum domestic harmony. And maybe shacked up bliss if you happen to be living with someone special/about to be, or your next hot date could be on home turf?

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