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The first half of Feb makes a lot of sense, in terms of clear, tangible focus on the Pisces life plan:

Mars in your career sector is plenty of energy to drive any biz plan or vocational imperative that turns you on; especially syncing with the Full Moon of the 9th in your day job sector for precision instincts about the precise gig or strategy that serves your goals. And the lifestyle choices that serve your healthy/wealthy & wise success outcomes with a healthy work/life balance to enjoy the fruits of your labour, right?

Also, Venus/Lilith in your income sector is fiercely lucrative and Mercury in your sign helps to finesse the details, with an intelligent eye to manifesting the creative force of the Destiny Point in your self-expression sector. So yeah you’re not mucking around right now, you are harnessing your core talent toward outcomes that really matter to you. –excellent.

Then ok, Mercury retro in Pisces from the 19th is a moment of pause until mid March, where you slow down for a bit & reality check progress thus far. It’s a chance to realise any minor errors you have made in the enthusiasm of early Feb, and go back to rectify the details & bring a constructive, fresh perspective to where things are at. It’s a low key, dark horse vibe for the second half of the month where you are quietly fine tuning your attitude in the background, with a patient perfectionism that could actually serve you beautifully in the long term.

The better to prepare for the next level progress of mid March, when Mercury gets moving properly in your sign & Jupiter/Pluto provide powerful support from your tribe, to do your spunky thing in the world. Meanwhile the New Moon of March 24th is a perfect moment to feel comfortable in your skin & alignment with your true purpose; to remind you that despite certain temporary obstacles –and even when you fuq up like we all do, you are beautifully on track in your own weird way.

And love? Venus/Lilith/Chiron is a weird combo -for bitching, spunky authenticity on your part –that sorts out any lover who run a mile when it gets real OR emotional healing with a lover who gets you on your own terms & you reciprocate, to deepen the connection nicely.

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