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So the Leo Full Moon of the 9th is perfect to strut into Feb with your spunky confidence beautifully on point -even more than usual you are shining with the spectacular assurance that comes with fearlessly being your true self in the world. You love this of course –it’s so your natural state!

Including the emotional generosity of being vulnerable, warm & truly authentic with your loved ones that you do so well. Especially with nurturing Ceres in your relationship sector, it’s pretty yummy energy to feel fully connected with the people that matter. Mutual caring & sharing is your sweet spot in early Feb -and yes Mars heating up any romantic passion says this could be a sexy love life thing, if you’re into it.

Also with Mars in your talent sector you’ve got your swagger on, for fun & bravado but also proud to be good at what you do; and motivation to push the boundaries re creative skills & expression to get even better at your chosen gig in the world…

Especially with the recent Pluto/Saturn enforced discipline scenario on the day job, just as Jupiter has been calling you to freer, more expansive & meaningful way of doing things; you’ve had to get really real about your work ethic & professional/lifestyle/health/wellbeing priorities right?

So now that you’ve cleaned up your life choices & streamlined your schedule accordingly, Mars turns up from the 16th with the sheer, raw energy to chase your goals with full-bore, positive exuberance. Especially around the 22nd Mars sparking up Uranus in your biz sector is really quite auspicious, for crazy new opportunities or game changing new perspective on your career paradigm to turn you on. It may not be exactly job security/stability you’re going for here, but if you can work the game-changing energy with alacrity its pretty cool professional growth should you choose to embrace it?

Then the New Moon of the 24th in your sector of interpersonal entanglements has Mercury retro, to finesse any glitches in the matrix. Whether its love/sex/family/financial/biz negotiations doing your head in here -it’s primo time to untangle any misunderstandings & keep it sweet, as best you can huh?

Image: Liu Wen by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany

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