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So the Full Moon of the 9th is all about cultivating your subtle emotional intelligence, to navigate the deeper, more complex dynamics going down in your closest personal connections. You’re kind of genius at low-key letting your loved ones reveal their feelings/vent etc -with the kind of caring understanding that bonds you with the people that matter, whilst resisting the temptation to react to any tricky provocation from the usual, difficult suspects.

Because Mars involved is lovely for the kind of passionate connection that you don’t have to force or prove anything –the Destiny Point has brought certain key relationships into your life for a reason, and this Moon provides insight into where things are heading/the emotional growth involved & maybe a slow burning love if you can trust the process?

Also to the extent Mars would normally trigger recreational conflict/drama to get things moving, you get that it’s a waste of time right now –you can’t control freak anyone & neither do you let anyone push you around, so might as well chill & let things run their course for the moment sans getting in your own way, know what I mean?

Because really, you’re just biding your time until Mars hits Capricorn from the 17th, where you get a rush of fierce, raw, dynamic energy to pick up the pace & get things moving in your life on your very own terms…

I mean with Pluto/Saturn dredging up your most toxic personal demons/self doubt recently; you get just how fuqing fierce, powerful & determined you can be to phoenix through the crap, thrive under pressure & rise up singing on the other side. Gosh you are living proof that when the going gets tough the tough get going, right?

At this point you are so grounded in your sense of who you are & your potential in the world, so when Mara turns up from mid month you know how to seize that sheer, primal lust for life & focus it on whatever goals/personal imperatives truly matter to you. Sexy success machine much? Yep, you’re onto it & the New Moon of the 24th is fresh mental clarity to get the details on point.

Image: Kiza Jovanovic

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