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So your Happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn stripping back the ideas you have about your current life plans, to reveal the bare bones of the belief systems that have been driving you thus far, and where they might need to be fundamentally tweaked in order to move into 2020 with full, authentic clarity of purpose:

And luckily, you’ve never been one to back down from confronting your own shizz, doing the shadow work to face your demons & rise up singing with renewed self awareness & taking responsibility for clear intentions, to be the master of your own destiny like the phoenix that you are right? Right??

Because ok, Saturn in your ideas sector is tempting to knuckle down on defunct old mental programmes/expectations/life strategies just because you can be a stubborn motherfuqer, and refuse to admit when bashing your head against the same old brick wall just aint working anymore? And as much as you might bitch about it, you deep down love that Pluto is smashing all that & revealing sexy new perspectives, that challenge your existing paradigm & free you up to embrace a fresh attitude to help you thrive next level this year-omg thank fuq-yay…

Especially with the Lunar Eclipse of the 11th in your adventure sector; the positive, exuberant lust for life rising up within you is just so good, to radically think outside the square & chase some amazing dreams & schemes you have been lusting after but hitherto thought impossible -do admit this turns you on so much!

And then the New Moon of the 25th focuses your emotional attention on the fundamentals of home, hearth & family; with fresh clarity about how much a healthy personal foundation supports your optimum growth in the world. Also because this Moon triggers tetchy Uranus in your relationship sector, where you appreciate how good it feels to be simpatico with your tribe & closest loved ones, and willing to work through any differences to achieve as much domestic harmony as possible…

And yes, with this Moon pulling together a sexy, magnetic Mars/Venus square this totally includes romantic love! Especially if shacked up, planning a seduction moment around the 27th is your hot date night. Or just trying to wrangle any complexity around sexy love & family/home dynamics, late Jan should help to clarify things.


I am the phoenix, so my past does not determine my future as I am constantly transforming to next level consciousness & magically manifesting new possibilities as I go –this is the key to my eternal, spunky vitality!

Image: Hannah Lemholt

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