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So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn peaking a hard yakka work ethic in your day-job sector –and it’s game on to get professional stuff done with gritty determination this year!

And ok the tension here is between Saturn maybe wanting to plod along & maintain the work/lifestyle status quo –because god forbid you would rock the boat & threaten whatever security/comfort zone you have worked so hard to establish for yourself? Yeah but lol, good luck with that. Between Uranus electrifying your biz sector with sudden change impulses, Pluto gagging for primal, foundational overhaul of your entire work paradigm & lucky Jupiter full of restless, positive confidence to do something meaningful for a living -it’s professional transformation time ready or not…

You suddenly have zero tolerance for any toxic workplace power trips/dead-end gigs or even your own entropic self-doubt trying to cramp your style… there is something fierce rising up within you ready to smash all that & grab a more empowering version of vocational accomplishment in the world. And if you’re already cruising along quite nicely thank you very much, same goes -this astro only galvanises your focus on next level professional growth.

Because as much as this could feel wonky, with certain plans/gigs falling apart at warp speed or the temptation to destructive professional behaviour out of sheer frustration? You need to know that, should you choose to pull yourself together & focus, you’ve actually never been so savvy & on point to finesse transformative opportunities in the world with brilliant alacrity-especially by the Lunar Eclipse of the 111th. Stay sharp, little success machine you’re onto it!

Then the New Moon of the 25th brings a lovely, fresh perspective on the Leo love life. Especially in sync with passionate Mars in your romance sector & a soulmatey Venus/Neptune vibe in your sexy, emotionally intimate 8th house, late Jan could be quite the Leo mating season, actually. But its not fluffy -you are dealing with connections that really matter and require genuine attention ready or not, to focus your emotional priorities quick smart. Because whether or not romance is your thing same goes for family/platonic/biz relationships late Jan –you give them the full, valuable attention they deserve. And with Mercury involved communication is key, it’s more important than ever to let the special people in your life know just how you feel about them huh?


I have full permission to show off in the world like I do so well -and if I back up my spunky charisma with proper hard work my career is ready for full scale, next level, meaningful success!

Image: Nadja Auermann for Richard Avedon- Pirelli calendar 1995

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