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So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Saturn & Pluto drilling down on disciplined spiritual/shamanic personal growth in your soul sector; which is only a taste of just how fiercely self aware & empowered you’re going to be with Saturn in your sign during 2020:

Because this month is like a Pandora’s box of revealing, & facing any deep, unconscious issues & motivations that have been pretty much driving your behaviour for a while now. It’s a treasure trove of rich personal potential down there, in the psychic basement where your personal demons lurk; and if you can conquer them with illuminated self-awareness your most inspired, transcendent sense of true purpose in the world is ready to be unleashed. Omg positive personal growth much?

Especially with lucky Jupiter lighting up your soul sector with such incandescent, optimistic affirmations from Jan 4th-positive thinking is your everything right now!

Because with Saturn dithering in & out of Aquarius from March-Dec, it feels like a year of gathering your energy & finessing your intentions on the deepest level; and having to own the spiritual integrity of walking your talk on this no matter what, despite intermittent delays that could frankly test your patience… But honestly it’s worth it. By the time Saturn/Jupiter get moving in Aqua from late Dec, you’ll be bursting forth & launching yourself upon the world with such unstoppable brilliance –you can already feel it coming, right?

Meanwhile the Full Moon Eclipse of the 11th is all about how to cultivate the basic self-care in your daily life, to allow you to keep on trucking on your own terms. Paying attention to whatever your physical/emotional body is telling you is a big deal mid month- for optimum health, wellbeing, work & lifestyle choices to help you thrive through this -listen up.

So by the Aqua New Moon of the 25th you’re so shiny with conscious living, vitality & the life affirming joy of just being your true self in the world-bless.

Which also makes you so desirable, with the Venus/Mars romantic frisson of late Jan being pulled together in your sign you’re a spunky, irresistible love magnet! Let yourself be adored by someone special/have fun with attraction action late month huh?


I am a spiritual warrior working in love & light –and also gritty self-mastery is key to my freedom to thrive in the world.

Image: PhotographerJosh Olins, Stylist Alastair McKimm, Model Liya Kebede.

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