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Well I hope you’ve enjoyed the last year of your ruler Jupiter firing up your freewheeling exuberance in Sag, because Jupiter is in the clutches of disciplinarian Capricorn from Dec 3rd-and it’s about to get real baby!

I mean to the extent you’ve been playing with your most expansive dreams lately; you’ve had a fierce intolerance to any tedious details or onerous obligations that you feel might cramp your style. So your rebel heart says good luck to any control freaks trying it on with authoritarian crap, or you entrapped in certain suffocating commitment scenarios right? Aint gonna happen! Yeah but…

…Sure you’re more clear about the liberating Sag life plan than ever, and no way are you backing down on living large like you mean it & fulfilling your most spunky potential on your own, independent terms-oh yes. But also Jupiter in Cap says how the fuq are you going to make it happen unless you get sharp, biz savvy & pragmatic asap huh? The coming year is an emphasis on material success to back your dreams, and this requires drilling down on a realistic work ethic & generally playing the game in the world to some extent -just when you thought you were free of all that bourgeois compromise. Come on don’t roll your eyes –this could be so worth it:

Because lucky Jupiter joining Pluto/Saturn in your income sector is maybe the most promising, lucrative opportunity to make serious coin in the world -IF you play your cards right. Especially with Mercury in Sag from the 10th and by the Solar Eclipse of the 26th, with Jupiter trine Uranus in your work sector; you get that finessing the details & adapting to changing circumstances on the day job with alacrity-even if it feels temporarily frustrating- is actually key to scoring the financial freedom you’ve been craving. It’s like the best reality check ever; to get your shizz together & move forward with solid momentum, know what I mean?

Meanwhile the Sun in Sag pulls Venus & Mars together for in early Dec, to reveal how commitment-ready you are in the Sag love life. Because certain relationship dynamics reveal themselves by the Full Moon of the 12th –and oh my goodness with Venus/Pluto in play it’s either red-hot passion/sexy as fuq/deeply emotionally fulfilling (thank you Destiny Point in your intimacy sector) …or you can’t be bothered to be honest. Especially to the extent this fits into your personal success plan or not –you’re settling for nothing less than full soulmate meeting of equals to share your journey with. Fair enough you know what you want, and yay it may well be on this month, if you keep it real.

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