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So how about Pluto &Saturn digging up your deepest, tricky family dynamics & domestic dramas– I mean if there are any skeletons in the proverbial closet they’re about to be revealed big time! And all the cathartic emotional release that comes with clearing the air with certain loved ones/co-habs, the better to move forward on more authentic terms…this is good…

So whether you’re dealing with full-scale emotional triggers/childhood issues/power trips in your personal/family life-in which case well done you; the courage to face this stuff, hold your own with integrity & move forward with a healthy internal locus of power is strong right now. Or just finessing the dynamics of certain significant domestic relationships, again you’re doing it with fierce emotional intelligence and integrity. Or basic material/security issues around property, money & the Libra home base are ready to be tackled- and babe you’re so astute about this, with Mars in your cash sector energising prosperous Venus, you don’t miss a trick! Yes getting real about where/with whom/how to live is your thing right now-with particular clarity by the Solar Eclipse of the 26th.

And really the point of all this is lucky, expansive Jupiter turning up for a whole year in your domestic sector from Dec 3rd; so any scenarios you are wrangling re home, family & relationships are so positively charged with brilliant, expansive, liberating new possibilities! Maybe even chasing broader horizons about where to physically locate yourself? So no need to fear any changes unfolding right now-with the right attitude they’re bound to be pretty wonderful, actually.

And a big shout out to Mars in your income sector trine the Destiny Point in your career sector & inspirational Neptune in your work sector, AND activating lucky Jupiter around Dec 3rd. This is sweet astro for leveraging your most visionary vocational calling/strangely karmic professional opportunities to make good coin doing something that really matters to you. Especially with Neptune involved there’s an element of magical manifestation going on; if you can focus your dreams clearly enough the opportunities to make them happen turn up through the sheer power of magnetic attraction-seriously. But of course Mars says you have to work for it as well, there is a bit of daily discipline required to monetise your genius effectively. Which is a hell of a lot better than the indulging dodgy Neptune tendencies like procrastination via louche behaviour/day drinking/mindless shopping/daydreaming when you could be doing something useful instead hmmm?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 12th is stirring up your restless desire for new adventures, and I’m just saying one of the most exciting thrills here could be a buzzy, flirty romantic frisson with someone special, if that’s your thing?

Image: Hyuna Lip and Hip, Thanx Single official poster

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