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You’ve got to love your ruler Saturn & sexy Pluto hooking up in your sign right now, to dig deep & come to terms with just how powerful you can be. I mean everyone else is freaking out about the hard yakka personal growth going on here; but even though you’re feeling it harder than most you are so fuqing turned on by the sheer determination to thrive it’s awakening in you –this is like your natural state!

So Saturn being your ruling planet is honing the naturally fierce Cappy discipline & pragmatic nous to next level lean, mean effectiveness. And Pluto says ok, let’s strip back any illusions about what you want in life whilst we’re at it-if it’s not serving you maybe time to let go, and focus that sexy desire nature of yours on healthier, new paradigm outcomes instead? Oh my, you’re in full transformative mode & so ready to ditch any boring old patterns/behaviours/entanglements etc, shed your skin and rise up singing with a freshly energised lust for life.

When the going gets tough the tough get going –and this is rut busting & thrilling as fuq right?

And the Full Moon of the 12th powers up your innate talent & what to do about whatever you’re most naturally gifted at. I mean on the one hand it’s time for serious creative discipline to knuckle down on getting ahead -so no slacking off. And on the other hand just being your natural self in the world is enough, with the easy charisma to enlist the support of your tribe/social network to back you all the way. You’re on fire baby, and everyone knows it.

And then the New Moon of the 27th has Venus into your sign for even more radiance, talent & good looks to help you shine. Which is great preparation for Jupiter into Capricorn for early Dec, for a lucky, expansive, positive year ahead, so that’s something to look forward to…

Also love. Venus hiding in your soul sector has you low key doing your own thing, and maybe only tuning into the more subtle romantic cues from soulmate types who get your inner emotional process? Then the New Moon of the 27th has Venus in Capricorn, where you step out & get amongst it for renewed shiny, flirty romantic exuberance in the world. Yes if you want to hit the dating scene/lure a certain person your way, maybe late Nov is the go?

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