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So Mars in your soul sector from the 5th has you low-key hiding out & gathering your energy till mid Nov; with that dark horse, cunning preparation for future success you do so well sans giving the game away with too much external bluster in the world.

Yes, but Venus in Scorpio from the 9th is such shiny charisma, talent & sexy good looks on your part, that you just know you’ve gotta be out there shaking your thing & showing off your undeniable gorgeousness whilst you’ve got it going on huh? It’s a clever combination of sparkly, extrovert confidence for a good time, whilst simultaneously drilling down on your core intentions with sustained, introvert discipline when no one’s looking that works a treat this month. Even if everyone finds your come-hither/go away mixed messages a bit complicated, they shouldn’t be too surprised it’s just your natural enigma they should be used to by now, lol.

Especially with the love action of the 13th you’re pretty damn alluring, and attract mysterious connections that could be magnetically soulmate meaningful or just weird & slippery elusive. Who the fuq knows –it’s all about paying attention to subtle emotional cues that would do most people’s heads in. But you can handle it of course; do admit that you enjoy the fine line between romantic rapture & madness going on here- you’re nobody’s fool & you can tell the difference!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 14th pulls you back to pragmatic reality with a clear focus on the day job. This is where you harness whatever intentions you’ve been stealthily working on in the background, and start making the key professional decisions/walking your talk to actually make it happen. Because with lucky Jupiter in your income sector, advantageous earning scenarios are so much more likely to manifest if you stay sharp -omg you love being this onto it!

Then the Scorpio New Moon of the 28th is all about holding your own with fierce authenticity AND adaptability whilst Uranus subverts the dominant paradigm in your love sector. Relationships are weird, but potentially wonderful if you can keep it real & keep up any strange new dynamics huh?

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