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So with Venus in your love sector recently you’ve been feeling kinda frisky & romantic-or at least attracting a bit more attention from your partner, potential lovers etc to pique your interest hmmm?

Because your sexy ruler Mars joining Venus from the 4th ups the ante on Aries mating season- you suddenly get that relationships/certain special people in your life really do matter! I would be paying attention to whoever is on the scene/coming at you with any kind of clear, direct or passionate intentions this month; they could be ready to rock your world one way or the other.

Also, Mars opposite Chiron in Aries kind of flushes out any tensions brewing re interpersonal dynamics (love/platonic/biz whatever), which would normally have you spoiling for a fight to be honest. Um triggered much? But luckily, Venus in your 8th house reveals a more subtle approach, where a little bit of mutual understanding, diplomacy etc goes a long way to harmonious relating. And even better, score pertinent insights about healing /dealing with whatever deeper emotional issues are behind all this hmmm?

Especially the Full Moon of the 14th you are so beautifully self aware & emotionally congruent with loved ones, for healthy relationship with self & everyone around you. So good for walking your talk in the world with your shiny charisma on, huh?

Then the New Moon of the 28th is in your sex/intimacy sector, and sparked up by Uranus it’s a cracker! I mean it’s not exactly romantic stability-more like delightful passionate fireworks &/or headfuq drama coming at you with volatile unpredictability. Oh my. But it’s worth pointing out that Venus/Mercury help to actually talk about it, and maybe sweet talk some mutual understanding no matter how heated things get, A bit of intelligent conversation makes all the difference here.

And if you need a distraction from the intense personal/love life issues? All this 8th house action is perfect for hustling a financially advantageous angle to Saturn/Pluto revving up your fierce career ambition for the rest of the year. Any biz negotiations going on right now could serve you so well -so best stay sharp, persuasive & onto it huh? I’m just saying the time to get your financial affairs in order could be now…

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