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So Mars in your 8th house recently has had you advantageously coming to terms with your deepest, complex interpersonal entanglements –which ok is not necessarily your favourite trip, lol, but you’ve been doing well. Any intense emotional/sexual intimacy, family dynamics or tricky financial negotiations have been flaring up big time. Yes and ideally holding your own; the better to skilfully avoid any power trippy nonsense and focus your ardent energy on whatever healthy connections you’re actually passionate about instead.

Great, well done and now that you’ve nailed the interpersonal priorities/established optimum relationship dynamics; you’re so ready for Mars in your freedom/adventure sector from the 5th, to score the personal space to explore your own thing for a while. OMG restless much?

Especially by the Full Moon of the 14th, you feel like you have the emotional oxygen for an expansive, spunky new self-confidence. Also lucky Jupiter in your social sector has you moving & shaking on the scene, stimulating your extrovert charisma (which you love) & enlisting your wider tribe in the Aqua plan:

Maybe chasing up some brazen, visionary schemes & dreams to flex your full potential in the world? Maybe an academic/study/up-skilling learning curve, to stimulate that brilliant mind of yours? Maybe exciting travel plans, just for the thrill of new horizons? Yep, however it manifests October is fab for busting a move on your next big adventure & sharing it with the people that matter-go you!

Meanwhile Venus in your biz sector from the 9th is so helpful. You come to terms with how talented you are at whatever you do, the better stop wasting energy on any professional self-doubt you’ve been indulging in lately & focus it on effective, shameless self-promotion instead. I mean you get that if you’re ever going to shine vocationally it might as well be now...

Especially by the New Moon if the 28th in your biz sector & the Destiny Point in your day job sector; you get to nail the perfect career strategy & pull your most intelligent lifestyle/health & wellbeing choices into line to make it happen. Healthy, wealthy & wise is your best look here, and you’re so onto it you little success machine!

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