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September is here & its lean, mean, fresh Virgo season to clean up our act & pull ourselves together-yes & also mystical as fuq to ensure we're shining with our highest inspiration.

We have lucky Jupiter picking up pace direct after months of retrograde thwarting certain cherished dreams-which are now happily ready to be newly embraced; and restore our faith with a bit of positive momentum to turn us on to our best, meaningful purpose-omg finally!

We have Uranus retro in Taurus shaking up our assumptions about material success. Reliable security not so much, but if we can keep up with strange new developments with a bit of flexible alacrity; could be a whole new healthy, wealthy & wise paradigm brewing right now to help us magically manifest our best opportunities to thrive.

We have Venus, Mars & Mercury in Virgo helping us to cultivate an intelligent, discerning approach to successful relationships -it's kind of mating season if we keep our romantic communication going with only the most crystal clear intentions. Love is kind of high end right now or could be tricky...

Because the Full Moon of Sept 14th & the New Moon of the 29th are both highly Neptunian- so our emotional radar is so exquisitely tuned in to the most subtle relationship dynamics but also intoxicating delusional if we're not careful. Anything from soulmate bliss/magical passion/true love to bonkers crushes/infatuation lacking healthy boundaries could be going on here- I mean yeah its thrilling either way but we do want to keep it as conscious/sane as possible huh?

Happy September folks, it's a spooky, promising,interesting trip coming up! And the horoscopes are up with more detail for your sign here x

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