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This month is all about the Full Moon of the 14th turning you on to such big picture, visionary thinking about where you want your life to go right now. With mystical Neptune involved you’ve got strange yearnings to chase certain dreams that may or may not make tangible sense just yet, but you don’t care; you’re happily aligning your aspirations with universal flow and beautifully open to exactly how it’s all going to manifest huh?

Especially with lucky Jupiter finally direct in your day job sector, after a few months of retro where you’ve been nurturing certain promising work scenarios despite a few delays along the way? Well done you for keeping the faith, now that fab opportunities to expand your professional influence in the world are afoot; and you get that a big picture, brazen, adventurous attitude is the best way to bust a move on professional advancement right now.

So whilst it’s not about getting in your own way trying to micro-manage the details, the Full Moon mid month does suggest you work at finessing your communications skills, because certain savvy dialogues could be just the thing to hustle your plans in the world. Your superpower right now is effective networking with your best persuasive, shmoozy charm to optimize any supportive professional relationships around you.

And yes also in your personal life. Saturn/Pluto in your love sector this year indicate a deep, abiding passion with whoever you’re involved with, and the inevitable questions of solid commitment/practical compatibility that come with that. Things are looking real, one way or the other! And even if single, any new attractions incoming are likely to feel somehow fated, and a bit more gravitas for potentially serious outcomes, one way or the other?

And meanwhile your best romantic look is a meeting of minds & sussing out the sparks that come with stimulating, inspiring, intelligent dialogue. Rather then dwelling on any heavy emotions that could be coming up, you’re best off talking things through to clear the air, solve any issues and/or flirty, playful repartee to keep it light & fun –as the case may be. If you’re in love/lust whatever, it deserves the mutual respect that comes with clear communication huh?

Image: Cartier

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