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So your lucky ruler Jupiter in Sag this year is so beautifully expansive, and you’re on the cusp of all kinds of affirmative growth which you’re busting to bust a move on …which has made Jupiter retrograde since mid April particularly frustrating huh? A bit like driving toward your dream destination with the brakes on? You so know you’re on the right track & fab things are calling/unfolding, but yeah but no but when the fuq will the goddamn momentum pick up??

You’ll be thrilled to know that Jupiter moves forward from mid August, and finally picks up the pace for a smoother, accelerated path forward for the rest of the year. Yes plenty of instant gratification, fun & good times to turn you on; you’ve got the perfect positive, confident attitude for it & you can’t wait!

And the Jupiter-fuelled New Moon of the 1st in your expansive adventure sector sets the tone for all this with such wonderful exuberance. All the stuff you love –travel/mind broadening study/professional/spiritual growth & free-range freedom of movement to do your own thing on your own terms is suddenly so possible. Oh my it feels like your time to thrive, so best forget about recent setbacks & embrace the conditions of your best next chapter with that fearless enthusiasm you do so well.

… I mean with this kind of Jupiter imperative for rut busting, next level evolution only coming around every 12 years -If not now when?

Then the Full Moon of the 13th is all about putting yourself out there with effective communication in the world; and maybe even some cool self promotion opportunities to move the life plan/potentially profitable scenarios forward-cool. And also, with the Destiny Point in your intimacy sector this could trigger some key dialogue, for a deeper connection & mutual understanding with someone special? It’s kind of sexy mating season but does require subtlety & emotional courage to cultivate whatever love connection is unfolding right now –and gosh if its on its really on and could be so worth it & promising long term!

Especially with the Venus/Mars action of the 24th your charming interpersonal skills are on fire, which yes works a treat romantically. But also truly fab for any shmoozy professional negotiations/shmick presentation on the day job/promising biz partnerships that could be about to rock your vocational success big time-stay sharp & crystal clear on this for best results.

Image: Alyssa Miller Collection Photography

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