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So I’m guessing that with Pluto/Saturn building up to a conjunction in your sign for the rest of the year, you’re feeling a brewing, brooding sense of inevitable, empowering hard-yakka personal growth coming up?

It’s kind of about the gritty work ethic to simply knuckle down & make your most imperative goals & material ambitions actually happen in the world. But really it’s the transformative process of addressing any crippling old self-doubt & flipping past stories about your own failures/inadequacy whatever into positive recognition of just how far you’ve come despite the obstacles. The better to remember your internal locus of power & get real about coming at any future opportunities with integrity & your most fierce determination to thrive!

And the Destiny Point says your next best breakthrough could well be intelligent relating in your love/partnership sector. Which leads me to just how good the New Moon of the 1st in your sex/intimacy sector is… Because with Venus & Mars involved you’re so tuned into your best romantic instincts, and exactly the kind of thrilling vulnerable hot passion that could rock your love life sideways to be honest. Omg you’re so ready for this!

Especially because the Venus/Mars conjunction of the 24th is in your adventure sector where you’re ready to love large; with game changing romantic confidence that could be so rewarding for moving your current connection forward, or if single meet someone wildly promising out of the blue?

Also this New Moon stimulates those savvy, pragmatic instincts of yours in terms of any biz/financial negotiations or entanglements going on. And your most profitable outcomes are all about win-win scenarios, so best get your most co-operative, diplomatic attitude on here for optimum results huh?

Which sets you up beautifully for the Full Moon of the 15th in your earning sector. You’re making maximum coin doing what you do according to the old not-what-you-know-but-who-you-know adage, and employing your sharpest instincts about exactly who you should be professionally schmoozing/promoting your brilliance to mid month. Yes you’re a genius mover & shaker this month, don’t you know?


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