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The New Moon of the 1st in your 5th house of play, romance, creativity & confident self-expression sets a pretty sweet tone for the month huh? August looks like fun!

I mean with Venus involved you are so exquisitely sparkly, charming & connected with your tribe/family/lover etc for easy, quality time & dolce vita living with your loved ones. And also just so goddamn talented, artistically productive & ready for that shameless self-promotion you do so well, to strut your best stuff & thrive in the world.

OMG especially with your boss Mars revving things up your natural lust for life is incandescent, for fully embracing the good times doing whatever it is most turns you on -just because it feels so good & life affirming to be you…

Also the fierce motivation & discipline to follow through, & if necessary work your ass off if you do happen to be lusting after any creative success/acknowledgement in the world right now? You adore this raw energy & the chance to prove your mettle by doing something effective with it, huh?

And did I mention this Venus/Mars spark is also lighting up Aries romance? There is so much delightful, playful, flirtatious banter going on –especially with Mercury involved from the 12th; and a better chance for easy, delightful chemistry with someone special -it’s time to make loving fun!

So yeah, there’s so much positive affirmation going on this month, how could you not be having a good time with all this?

Extra especially by the Full Moon of the 15th; lucky Jupiter direct fuels your most expansive, visionary dreams &positive sense of meaningful life purpose; and you love that you have to bust out of your comfort zone to make stuff happen –dynamic, courageous personal growth is your thing!

Then Mars/Venus in work sector around the 24th has you finessing whatever professional relationships could be key to your success. Maybe not so much crashing forward with that inimitable independence of yours as fostering cooperative, win-win strategies could work a treat here?

Image: David Benoliel

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