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Ha, so it seems to be the week for sharing memes, and I have a fairly tangential astro slant on this one from the fab Classical Art Memes:

We currently have Saturn/Pluto on the South Node of old patterns/habits/karma, plumbing the depths of whatever swamp of ancient unresolved crap lurks under the surface (we've all got one, right?). And maybe confronting own attachment to blaming murky past trauma & holding onto skanky habits, dysfunctional attitudes etc? But also confronting our gutsy capacity to face our demons/most primal, embedded issues; and courageously do the work to heal, resolve, rise above and transcend. Maybe like a phoenix rising from the ashes, if I may use that somewhat simplistic metaphor?

Especially with Mars on the North Node -which I call the Destiny Point as it indicates whatever positive, expansive, growth-oriented sense of worldly purpose & self realisation we have come here to embrace this time round. Because Mars is a great motivator, with the raw energy and sheer self belief to grab life by the throat & choose to thrive no matter what. I mean ok Mars can also be pretty aggro about forcing our will/ego onto situations sans subtlety & creating conflict -which we resist, obviously.

But if we can keep it high end & bring some compassion, spiritual practice, discipline and conscious intentions about where we want our lives to go at this point... Healthy, powerful personal transformation iz us!

Let's keep our eye on our best, most shiny future potential folks, it's actually looking pretty nice right now x

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