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So the New Moon of the 3rd in your partnership sector alerts you to the fact of just how hot your love mojo is right now. You’re ready to connect with authentic, clear intentions –and perhaps haven’t been quite so on-point about whatever love actually means to you for a long time?

Yes, so Sag mating season is upon you, with perhaps a whole new era of next level hot passion/commitment with someone special/flirty fun in the world or whatever turns you on to move forward romantically…

OMG especially with sexy Mars on the Destiny Point in your sex/intimacy sector, just as love goddess Venus hits your love sector mid June; I’m here to tell you that if you’re crushing on someone/hooking up/shacking up/exploring deeper passion with an existing partner- it could be so meant to be right now!

And if single that’s fine too. You’ve got plenty of biz/family dynamics going your way, to finesse healthy, thriving connection in the world. And perhaps also practice positive relating skills, for the next time love does have your number?

Then the Sag Full Moon of the 17th reminds you that Jupiter, your lucky ruling planet is rocking your most positive success, confidence & easy happiness vibe this year. Yes certain schemes & dreams are taking their sweet time to unfold with Jupiter currently retrograde; but luckily you get that the more you embrace this process the more spectacular, fab outcomes happen when Jupiter gets a move on from mid August right?

Patience, and a solid, persevering attitude please. You are more onto it then you know, so whatever you do don’t give up now, you stunning little success machine you.

Image: Anna Ewers, styled by Emmanuelle lensed by Mikael Jansson for Vogue Paris

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