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With both the Gemini New Moon of the 3rd and the Full Moon of the 17th in your love sector influenced by magical Neptune; your emotional vibe this month is kind of dreamy, full of tidal feelings & strange yearnings for things you may or may not be able to pin down.

Which is ideally beautifully inspirational and calling you to a higher emotional frequency. Art, music, creative expression, meditation, spirituality, healing, near-psychic intuition, mystical romantic connection & an exquisitely caring, compassionate attitude to yourself & others are all perfect expressions of this. But also you want to watch the undertow of delusional relationships, sketchy personal boundaries, toxic intoxicated benders and general louche, loose behaviour that could unravel your personal composure, if you let it huh?

There’s a fine line between the divine & just plain nuts here and you want to stay on the high-end, conscious side of this, obviously. So lucky Venus in Gemini from the 9th has you all shiny, alluring, talented and gorgeously confidant, to help rock your best version of yourself in the world. Excellent.

And specifically Mars on the Destiny Point stimulates your most brilliant schemes to hustle a more lucrative earning scenario mid month. Especially if you can handle the power trippy biz/financial negotiations coming up; you’re so well placed to manifest certain vocational aspirations in the world- so best look sharp!

And lucky Jupiter retrograde in your love sector says keep an open mind-maybe a certain romance/or your love mojo generally only seems to be stalled & will pick up speed from August…patience, little lover.

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