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So With the New Moon of the 3rd in your soul sector & syncing cosmic, inspiring Neptune you’re a bit of a magical, mystical dreamboat right now. You’re vibing all visionary & psychically attuned to your highest calling/most meaningful aspirations.

Which is great if you can avoid fluffy illusions/hare brained schemes and keep your hopes & dreams as viable as possible instead. Because the Full Moon of the 17th is primo time to work your current gig/day job scenario with the professional confidence to achieve realistic success in the world. Yes, you are such a savvy unit you know that magical manifestation is part positive intention and part dynamic action to actually make stuff happen, right?

Because lucky Jupiter is on your side here and more likely to bring the perfect opportunities to chase up your biggest dreams-and any effort you’re currently making likely to bear fruit from this August. Especially with Mars on the Destiny Point in your sign this month; you seriously have so much raw, fierce, determined energy at your disposal to thrive on your own terms. Don’t give up now honey, you’re more onto it than you know!

Meanwhile Pluto/Saturn in your relationship sector is all about the passion that comes with genuine commitment-if your love life happens to be heading that way? Or sans love action, you are too busy exploring your on brilliance to give a fuq, to be honest.

Image: Jeffrey Westbook/STUDIO D for HARPERS BAZAAR

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