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So its our annual Scorpio Full Moon, exact 7.11am May 19th AEST, which is a pretty exciting, yet tricky proposition at the best of times.

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emo has been brewing all month -and in Scorp is does tend to be a purge of some of he deeper/heavier 'issues' we've been carrying around, to have a good, hard, challenging look at our own shizz? Or maybe certain scenarios that fundamentally effect our emotional equilibrium/financial survival situation are vibing weird as fuq, and we're tempted to act out in drama-queen/narky response? ...Omg triggering much???

But on the other hand it's a fab opportunity to connect with our most primal passions; to seize whatever powerful lust for life, determination to thrive, magical manifestation instincts, capacity for empowered personal transformation and/or deeply satisfying intimate connection is turning us on right now? It's a siren call to get courageous real fast, phoenix right through our crap & directly onwards with maximum, spunky authenticity...

Because I've been reading some pretty hysterical commentary of how potentially negative this Moon is, given it's proximity to the nasty, aggro fixed star Algol. And ok yeah, especially in opposition to Mercury, we can really feed any destructo mental habits that we haven't been dealing with lately. This is perfect astro for bitching it up, playing the blame game, projecting everything at the nearest person who makes us feel remotely vulnerable & going on the defensive/offensive... but ONLY if we give in to the temptation to do so!

Because also this Moon is bang on the most incandescent, emotionally liberating Venus/Uranus conjunction for a good time... This is a primo chance to take a fluorescent bright torch to witness our love/romance/creative/biz/cash dynamics in a clearer light; the better to courageously ditch any lingering, stuck expectations of how things should be that may have been stifling our groove lately? Yes, the better to embrace and step up asap to the more vibrant, honest, self-aware version of living, loving & earning on the cool new terms/fab new opportunities that are currently presenting themselves -so excellent,

Which is why I'm calling this the Season of the Witch- to the extent that old skool witchcraft is consciousness & intentional, magical manifestation in action. The brilliant thing about Mercury (the power of the mind) involved here is the knowledge that whatever mental/emotional intentions we put out there-we get right back in terms of what we attract & experience in our lives. And ok, with crazy Venus/Uranus action it may not be quite as we had had planned and we have to be nimble on our feet; but that's the beauty of aligning with the wild ride of universal flow, huh?

So yeah, this Moon could be a trip, in terms of strangely unexpected developments that would normally throw us way off course. But I'm also here to tell you that a lovely aspect between Venus & her lover Mars-newly in Taurus and Cancer respectively- is a sweet opportunity to relate to one another with such ease as we navigate our own turbulent emotions. Perhaps a bit of gentle, loving care in our relationships could be just the thing to move us forward? Loving it up with a bit of mutual compassion, and how much all of us are craving this is gold right now...

Let's get spooky, sexy and own just how much we're feeling it, the better to direct the intensity toward our most desirable outcomes with this Moon -then play with the possibilities that come back at us with our best, adaptable alacrity. Happy Scorpio Moon folks x

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