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So the Taurus New Moon of the 5th has just given us such a yummy new sense of physical and emotional wellbeing in our lives huh?

Because Taurus is such a supremely materialistic sign, in the very best, healthy sense of being beautifully comfortable in our skin and enjoying the delicious pleasures that make us feel good.

And so our annual New Moon in Taurus is always a lovely reminder to lush out for a the simple delight of being alive. And even more importantly tuning into our emotional bodies, the better to feel everything with full authenticity. Not what we think we should be feeling, but what we are actually experiencing emotionally right now... it feels so good to remain emotionally congruent & keep it real huh?

Especially with Saturn involved we have the goods to be supremely savvy, and totally pragmatic about actioning whatever really what matters to us with such brilliant efficiency. It's the best time to walk our talk, manifest the lives we want to live and have fun doing it!' Have we all been feeling this the last few days?

Happy Taurus New Moon folks -let's live a little! x

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