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So to the extent you’ve never been a fan of the 9-5 or whatever grind on the day job, and tend to insist on more flexible/free range versions of hustling a living? You’ve been loving Uranus in your work sector lately, to shake it up and reveal cool new opportunities to do your best vocational thing on your own terms…

Also because your expansive, lucky ruler Jupiter in your sign this year means you’ve got no time for compromise and-importantly- plenty of positive, dynamic determination to live the big, adventurous life you crave, whatever it takes.

Especially with the New Moon of the 5th; where Saturn in your income sector helps to sharpen your professional wits, with a specific strategy to monetise your brilliance that could totally work! Then the Full Moon of the 19th provides enough visionary faith in the process to keep moving –omg go you, you’re on a roll and fully deserve the fab opportunities coming your way.

Meanwhile, Mars in your love sector opposing your lucky ruler, Jupiter in your sign around the 6th is seriously fiery frisson for the Sag love life. Your gorgeous generosity of spirit and romantic courage could be turning a certain someone on big time right now, don’t you know? And whether they’re an existing flame or someone new, they’re so likely to be hot blooded enough to reciprocate fully.

Especially by the 15th, a Venus/Mara tryst between your romance & partnership sectors is perfect for keeping it sweet. Whether you’re about a teasing flirtation, hot romance or a deeper love, ooh la la could be time for some next level, passionate relating to rock your world honey.

Image: Aline Weber by Richard Bush

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