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So sexy Mars is in your sex/intimacy sector right now, just where you like it; so are you in for your favourite thing -hot love action in the bedroom & passionate emotional connection this month? Sure thing, especially with magical Venus/Neptune in your romance sector the scent of palpable chemistry is in the air –ooh la la it’s mating season!

But let’s not forget that change god Uranus is also getting a move on in your partnership sector; so any promising new developments here are kind of outside your comfort zone. And therefore come with the requisite emotional growth/conquering your own fear of vulnerability or whatever to really embrace your full romantic potential right now.

In other words–if you want someone special to rock your world you better be ready for your world to be rocked good & proper, and turn up with enough courageous passion to meet your match right now. Whether deepening a connection/making up breaking up flux/seizing a new attraction It’s either game changing or it’s not! Omg luckily the thrills & spills of crazy romance OR gutsy emotional courage to keep it real with a serious lover are totally your thing huh? You’ve got this one babe-you’re a smoking hot, authentic love machine and you know it.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 5th is a sharp, smart new work ethic on the job-so any professional decisions made in early April are likely to be pretty bang on. And creating promising developments around the Full Moon of the 19th, where Venus gets ready to show off your brilliant talent in the world!

Image: Hannah Lemholt

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