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So with Uranus finally done with several years of shaking up your vocational paradigm, the New Moon of the 5th is perfect for tuning into whatever fresh, future orientated plan is currently presenting itself in your biz/career situation. Yep, you’ve earned the chance to believe in cool, innovative new possibilities for yourself, and April fully supports you to do so.

Especially with Venus/Neptune in your adventure/vision sector and Mars awakening your soul sector, you’re a cosmic little dreamer right now and ready to magically manifest whatever most inspires you -if you keep it together, pragmatic & coherent, obviously.

Because by the Full Moon of the 19th you’ve got lucky Jupiter in your work sector in sync with the Destiny Point in your sign and Venus showing off your best talent in your biz sector; which is pretty damn perfect for hustling the work/life balance to live life on your own fabulous terms. And the more you can remain emotionally coherent about whatever you really want out of life right now, the more you can pull this off, of course.

Meanwhile, Saturn says love is still about the quality of emotional commitment. Healthy commitment to evolving your current partnership, commitment to healthy choices about whoever you next flirt/hook up with if single-and of course committing to a healthy relationship with self/your own emotional wellbeing regardless of anyone else huh?

Image; Kerstin Jacobsen

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