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So the New Moon of the 5th is fresh inspo, to communicate your feelings more clearly in any key dialogues in your life.

I mean you’re usually pretty spectacular at talking the talk to inspire the world with that incandescent mental brilliance of yours –you love the cut & thrust of verbal repartee. And expansive Jupiter says you are even more of a chatty extrovert than ever on the social scene right now. Especially with Mars in your self expression sector you’re all about strutting & broadcasting the Aquarius manifesto of everything to all and sundry with full, uber confident moxy.

But what we’re also talking about here is more to do with emotional disclosure/slightly vulnerable confessions with your loved ones to clear the air, or flesh out any deeper issues going on between you? This could so open up some promising connection or conversation in your life, or at least be kinda character building huh?

Also because the Full Moon of the 19th has you pretty restless, frisky and with Venus around from the 19th you’ll no doubt be flirting your head off with e everyone in sight ---and again you might want to make sure you know where you’re going with that?

Meanwhile, Venus/Neptune in your money sector could be the most spectacularly disastrous money management/blowing all your cash on something ludicrous, particularly the perils of being swindled or sleazing around tryna swindle someone else. Much better to align it with Mars in your creative sector, to step up and magically manifest some coin based purely on that sheer, brilliant talent of yours!

Image: Bruna Tenorio and Bruna Tiedt star in Starwalker story, by photographer Paulo Vainer with creative direction from Casa Darwin for Plastic Dreams

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