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Uranus into Taurus March 6th, right on a magical New Moon heralds several years ahead of powerful rut busting to wake us up big time:

Taurus loves a comfy, re-assuring comfort zone in which to chew our cud and settle into blissful contentment with the status quo... but guess what? Uranus couldn't give a fuq about that-ha! Uranus wants to shake us up to the very core of our foundational assumptions about material stability/security issues/stubborn habits and launch us into a much more liberating, exciting & game changing era of exploring wildly innovative new ways of doing things...literally ready or not.

So if you're madly trying to pin down predictable structures in your life, resisting impending upheaval or feeding your sooky, change averse emotional security issues? Lol, good luck with that -aint gonna be such an easy ride coming up. But if you're dancing wth the new momentum & embracing the swiftly changing opportunities soon presenting themselves, with a capacity for accelerated personal growth along the way? Yes you could be thrilled with the wildly perfect synchronicity moving you forward to an unexpectedly fab new chapter of your life...

Lets stay sharp, woke and onto it folks -the future is calling and it looks like fun x

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