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Image: Catrin Weiz

Virgo Full Moon vibes are pretty highly strung, actually. Full Moons are always a rising up of all the emotions we've been dealing with in the last month -and in this case exacerbates all that Virgo nervous energy, as we try to tackle & problem solve every little thing with typical Virgo perfectionism...aargh overwhelm much?

So our medicine here is the beautiful Virgo capacity for a discerning, discriminating eye to what really matters vs the million details we simply can't control at this point... Emotional intelligence, keeping our intentions clear and the basic self care to look after our emotional/physical wellbeing (they're so connected right now!) is gold. The better to hone in on the truly key, effective steps we can take this week to align with our flow and let the rest take care of itself in it's own sweet time.

Especially with this Moon triggering the Mars/Uranus energy of swift change shaking up our lives right now. Yes, Uranus says we best get our heads around revolutionary new circumstances coming up for us; because there's no point avoiding them if we want to seize our best opportunities for accelerated growth, to thrive this year! But Mars in Taurus is also access to a calm. composed, steady progress to traverse this shaky period with our wits & savvy, materially pragmatic skills intact...

Happy Virgo Full Moon folks, lets stay calm and keep it sweet, genius and as unruffled as possible x

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